Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome Back

Hi Followers...

i guess you could say we haven't really been living at Judy so don't take offense that we haven't written!
So let's recap :)

Red Lips...Mistletoe...JingleBells...and Hot Cocoa         we Carouseled at the Cottage in full Christmas Spirit!

Next up was Valentines Day!
Decor was lovely. . . . we love you and we love judy :)

And we have to mention the Birthdays!!




so,  lots of love and tons of life goin on at JUDY :)
more regular updates coming soon!


Thursday, November 11, 2010


My Little Pony
We guess its about time for an update on the Halloween Craze at Judy!

Our welcoming feast was put on with style ~ Monster Snot Sanwhiches, Pasta Brains, and Jello Eye Balls! Oh and delicious Corn Bread with a Candied apple to complete the Treats of Hallows Eve!  We feasted and danced and of course played each part... every new party was a brand new start!  We send a Thank you to all of our dear guests, but mainly to ourselves becuase we surely impressed!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Making Our House a Home

Just testing the Paints...

Painting Mel and Sam's Room!
Waffle Night at The Russo's 

This week at Judy we went Craft Crazy!  It all started from painting the basement bedroom, and finished with nothing left to Paint!... Except The Front Door, but Becky is determined to paint it Red (we'll see).  We've found we're already learning a lot about each other...
Jill has quirks..
Mel is emotional..
Sam has depth..
Becky is Anal..
and Sarah is Sensitive..
Surprisingly these "new discoveries" tie us together perfectly!
Besides Crafting, Gossip Girl has us all entranced.  It's not pathetic at all to think that we actually play a part in every scene; we're their friends and their enemies so it only makes sense for us to watch 4 consecutive hours to be updated in the drama. We moved into Judy with high goals of losing 5 pounds... little did we know, Cardio Dance Challenge would be our only form of exercise.  With Gold's Gym passes down the drain and P90X out the window, we've made a conscious effort to make a plethora of desserts and lick the pan clean, with ease. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Its Official!

Welcome to Judy, the belonging apartment of Jill Marie, Sarah Elise, Rebecca Ellise, Melanie Marie, and Samantha Jo. A promising year of School, a lot of Dance, Disco Skating, and Frozen Yogurt is up ahead and we feel it necessary to keep you all updated!  Right now, Mocking Jay-the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy-is sweeping through our new abode.  Comments and opinions will be posted for now here is a little poem

In the midst of the Night
You'll find Judy still Bright
Cleanliness and Craziness are tresures so Sweet
No other apartments remotely Compete 
Vulumptuous curlz or Shiny and straight
Each one is different, but there's no Complaint
School all Day, Dance all Night
A pillow at 12:00 sounds alright...
So if you care to share a Welcoming Treat
Come One, Come All to Judy's Suite!

Hope to see you Soon xoxox... ~ ](_)<| `/